Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to carry out your wedding theme

When you begin thinking about your wedding what do you visualize? Your colors, the flowers, your bridesmaids gown? Most likely, you see all the images that have been running in your mind since you were 4 years old. Those images may vary as you move through the process of planning your wedding. If you keep a journal of your thoughts, you can determine what you will and what you will not be willing to compromise on as your wedding elements take place. Deciding early on what parts of the wedding are most important will help you create a unified look.

To brand your wedding succesfully, it is always best to start with one element of your wedding that you are definately not willing to compromise on, such as your flowers or bridesmaids gowns, and develop from there. Example: If you have chosen pink and brown for you rwedding colors, but after looking at invitaions and their designs, you realize you MUST have the one with the green ribbon, you realize you are willing to make some adjustments in order to have that choice. If you can be more flexible with your fabrics, flowers and/or linens, for instance, you decide to make different choices in order to have that MUST have invitation.

Every element of your wedding shoulf tie back into your theme and the colors you have selected- even your wedding website (if you have one) If you want to improve your chances of matching your theme, try to choose a website service that allows you to select from a wide variety of schemes and templates. Or if you can take it one step further and work with a provider that will allow you to work with your own schemes like, you can match your colors exactly! You will also want to try to find imagery that ties in with your theme. For example, if your having a beach wedding, you may want to incorporate water or beach images into your website. If you are having a city wedding, you may want to have a skyline shot. Either way, if you can include images that include the two of you, you will not only carry the theme of your wedding through to your website but also add the personal touch that reflects the two of you and no one else.

2010 wedding window

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ana & Miguel's Wedding

Pre wedding pictures taken at Brand Library.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception location were at Castaways in Burbank.

Manzanita Trees were the focal point of the canterpieces.

Placecards/Favors doubled as holders for their guests pictures that were taken in the photobooth!
Photobooth provided by Socal Shutterbooth.

Thank You Ana and Miguel for letting me be a part of your special day! It was truely an amazing night that I hope neither of you will ever forget!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Couple

Well I am proud to Announce my New Couple.....Shayna and Dustin, they are getting married in June! I have been good friends to Shayna for about 10 yrs now. I knew she was close to getting engaged because she would ask me questions about my website and someother wedding questions. In January she approached me and let me know she was going to be getting married and needed my help. Of course I am going to help it's what I do! We visited venues (6) to be exact before finding THE ONE! The wedding is going to be held in Pasadena at Castle Green, it is a historical location. January has been a busy month of getting alot of the planning done. We were able to book the venue, book the photographer, schedule the meeting with the florist, the invitations are being made, the DJ is a friend so he is on board, ordered THE DRESS! Needless to say there has been alot going on plus I help another florist at his store a couple days a week. I love weddings and all the details that come along with them, I am glad I am able to be there for friends and make sure their day turns out just as they expect it to!


Melanie & Alex

Amber & Mauricio

Along with the Santa Barbara wedding I have 2 day of coming up. One in March the other the beginning of June. The funny thing about these two weddings is how they are kind of related to each other. The first one that is in March, I was referred to by the florist I worked with on the Santa Barbara wedding. So we had just been emailing wach other until last month when we met in person so I could get some of the wedding onfo from her and go over a few details. Well she is on Facebook, have I mentioned how much exposure I get from facebook! Anyway so I sent her a friend request so that she also could see my business page I have on there as well. As I was looking over her page I notice we went ot hte same high school and she graduated 3 yrs. after I was there. Such a small world! I am excited about this wedding because she is also having her reception at one of my favorite restaurants in Glendale that I used to frequent when I lived there, and now I get to go back.

The other wedding that is the beginning of June, I went to school with the groom. His sister and I are facebook friends, another connection. Ellie saw what I did for my business and she referred me to Amber and Mauricio. I just met with them a couple of weeks ago and can I mention how funny it is to be doing a wedding of someone you have not seen in 15 years let alone went to high school with. It's so funny, but I am glad that I am able to make their day go smoothly and they get to enjoy and savor all the festivities! I know the similarities are not real close but close enough that I thought it was worth mentioning!

Santa Barbara Wedding

It's been awhile since i've posted anything and so I thought I should catch you up on what i've been doing. I did a wedding with a florist vender of mine in Santa Barbara on Saturday January 2. You would think a wedding in January would be freezing cold, but this is California and well anything weather wise is possible. The weather had to be at least 75 if not 80 that day, it was gorgeous outside and a perfect day for a wedding. This wedding was a bit different because I was hired by the florist to do the coordinating. The florist was related to the groom getting married and they hired her to take care of the wedding, so in turn she hired me to help her out on the day of. I have never done something like this where I had not known the bride and groom, so it was a bit different for me but I welcome the challenge. I was able to email the bride and get the information I needed in order to put together the timeline of the days events. Everything went extremely smoothly and I was able to meet some new vendors like Sun-Dance Photography that took the pictures here and I thank Blendie for sharing them with me.