Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Personalize Your Wedding

Creating a wedding that is unique is easier than ever since several companies now offer customizable services and products for weddings. Incorporating a personal message or monogram into your special day will not only allow you to customize your wedding, but it will also provide you with a means of creating a consistent look. By using repetitive elements, you will be able to create a sense of commonality between aspects that would otherwise have no connection.
Save the date cards or ecards and wedding websites are typically the elements that will introduce your wedding to your guests, so if you can include your monogram or message on these aspects of your wedding, your guests will recognize them when they see them on your napkins or place cards, for example. If you want to have a wedding website that looks like it was custom designed just for you but does not include the custom price tag, consider creating a DIY site using - you can create custom color schemes and upload your own design photos.
Another way to incorporate your custom monogram or message is through lighting. You can create something called a custom gobo, which allows you to project your monogram on the dance floor or on the wall of your reception hall. You can include your custom elements in other ways as well, such as on postage stamps, on wine labels, and on aisle runners. So as you can see, once you create your custom elements, it is easy to carry them through to the other aspects of your wedding. And, if there are other special ways that define you as a couple such as travel, music or art, try to think of ways to include them as well so your relationship is apparent in every way possible on your wedding day.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Involving Your Friends and Family Members

Whether you plan to have an intimate wedding ceremony or a grand soirée, your friends and family members will likely have a desire to get involved or contribute to the planning process in some shape or form. While you may not want them to offer too much advice, there are fortunately some fun and easy ways to keep them included. And who knows, you may even find that you receive some helpful information along the way.
First, if you have a wedding website, consider including a music request form. Not only will your guests be able to provide you with their song wish list, but you will also be able to get a sense of what will keep the party hoppin'.
Consider also offering an address book form on your website, so your guests can add or update their mailing address information. Allowing your guests to do this on their own will not only free you up to stay focused on the other aspects of your planning, but it will also provide you with a means of obtaining the information you will need when it comes time to send out your wedding invitations.
Many couples have opted to include poll and quiz questions on their websites. Some questions may even relate back to the planning decisions they need to make. While some couples use the responses to actually help them make their decisions, such as where to go for their honeymoon, others take the advice with a grain of salt. Either way, your guests will have fun and will feel as though they are contributing to your experience.
Many brides also benefit from blogging about their wedding planning experience. Planning a wedding, as we all know, can be quite stressful. For many, a wedding blog provides an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings with friends and family members. You may find that you receive both helpful advice and much needed support via the blog entry comments. However, if you are not one to share your thoughts, your blog is great for updating your guests about any changes to your wedding plans.
If you want to allow your guests to receive regular updates regarding your wedding plans, consider including an optional mailing list on your wedding website. That way, you can alert your guests to changes with one simple email.
Planning a wedding is exciting and fun, but no one ever said that you have to do it alone, so don't hesitate to provide your friends and family members with a way to help you with your choices and decisions. They will likely enjoy feeling involved and in the end, you may benefit from getting some helpful advice.