Sunday, June 21, 2009

~Personalize your Wedding~

Creating a wedding that is unique is easier than ever since several companies now offer customizable services and products for weddings. Incorporating a personal message or monogram into your special day will not only allow you to customize your wedding, but it will also provide you with a means of creating a consistent look. By using repetitive elements, you will be able to create a sense of commonality between aspects that would otherwise have no connection.
Save the date cards or ecards and wedding websites are typically the elements that will introduce your wedding to your guests, so if you can include your monogram or message on these aspects of your wedding, your guests will recognize them when they see them on your napkins or place cards, for example. If you want to have a wedding website that looks like it was custom designed just for you but does not include the custom price tag, consider creating a DIY site using - you can create custom color schemes and upload your own design photos.
Another way to incorporate your custom monogram or message is through lighting. You can create something called a custom gobo, which allows you to project your monogram on the dance floor or on the wall of your reception hall. You can include your custom elements in other ways as well, such as on postage stamps, on wine labels, and on aisle runners. So as you can see, once you create your custom elements, it is easy to carry them through to the other aspects of your wedding. And, if there are other special ways that define you as a couple such as travel, music or art, try to think of ways to include them as well so your relationship is apparent in every way possible on your wedding day.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Communicate Sensitive Wedding Information

As I always say, communication is key when it comes to planning a successful wedding - where to stay, what to do, how to get there. And, although most information can be easily conveyed, it can be somewhat difficult to determine the best way to communicate sensitive details such as where you are registered and whether or not you wish to restrict attendance to adults-only at certain events.
Even though it is quite common nowadays for couples to create gift registries, it is still considered to be a faux pas to include such information with your save the date or wedding invitation. So what's a bride to do? Well, traditionally, guests would call the mother-of-the-bride, the maid-of-honor or another family member to determine the stores at which the couple was registered. If, however, the guests had an appropriate place to go to look up these details on their own, such as a wedding website, it would be far more convenient for all involved.
Today, most couples already direct their guests to their wedding website for hotel accommodations, travel information and personal stories, so if you have a website, you can also use it to communicate information that is more difficult or sticky to convey through other means. For example, if you include your wedding website address on your save the date card and direct your guests to your website for future wedding-related updates, you can simply incorporate a "Gift Registry" page into your list of available website pages. This will allow you to discreetly make your registry information accessible, while providing the guests who wish to select something from your registry a convenient means of determining where to go. Please keep in mind that it should never be suggested that your guests be required to purchase something from your registry. You may find that the gifts that mean the most to you are those that were chosen thoughtfully off-registry.
Many couples also run into issues regarding the attendance of children at specific events, such as the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception. If you need to advise your guests of your desire to have an adult-only reception, for example, consider creating an FAQ page on your website. You will be able to address several commonly asked questions, while tactfully communicating delicate details. Your guests will appreciate knowing your wishes ahead of time and you can feel comfortable knowing that you have provided them with the information they need to make the necessary arrangements.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Save the Date eCards

When planning your wedding, it is always a good idea to make your guests aware of your wedding date well ahead of time so they can make the necessary arrangements to be there. I recommend sending out a save-the-date about 6 to 8 months in advance of your wedding, which will help to ensure a good turnout on your big day.
Save-the-dates can come in several forms. You can send out physical cards or magnets or, you can save time and money by sending out save-the-date ecards. For added convenience, you can even include a clickable link directly to your wedding website on your save-the-date ecard so your guests don't have to physically enter your website URL into the browser address field. And, because ecards are electronic, they are also good for the environment!
If you make note of your wedding website address on your physical save-the-date or ecard, you can direct your guests to the site for more information. Doing so will not only make your guests aware of your wedding website and where to go to learn more about your wedding plans, your recommendations and where to go for future updates, but it will also prevent you from having to personally field calls or emails about where to stay, what to do or where you're registered because all of that information will most likely already be available on your wedding website - if you choose to include it.
If at all possible, try to create a cohesive look across each of your wedding elements by coordinating the look of your save-the-date with your wedding colors and/or wedding website design. This will allow you to set the tone for the rest of your wedding from the first introduction.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Candy Station

A new trend for wedding favors is having a candy station as you see pictured here, photo courtesy of David Blair Designs. You can fill them with any of your favorite types of candy. The more colorful the better they look. Here the containers were also decorated with ribbon to incorporate the theme and colors of the wedding. It is a fun and easy way to have favors displayed for your guests. These are not limited to just weddings, you can have then for any occasion. Ask me how you can have them at your wedding!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Teiler and Candis

My new couple Teiler and Candis will be getting married August 29th, 2009. They have been dating for 1 1/2 yrs. Candis lives in Orange County, and Teiler lives in Reseda. I look forward to sharing the planning process with all of you. They will be having their reception in his parents beautiful backyard! Check back for more updates on Teiler and Candis.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's good about a Wedding Website?

This is the best way to share your wedding with all your friends and family. You are able to let them know the details of the wedding as far as location, hotels nearby if they are coming from far away. It is also good to share pictures of the two of you maybe engagement pictures that not everyone you know was able to see. The website is also a good place to put where you registered for the wedding. Alot of times there is mix feelings as to how to let people know where you are registered, this way it is listed on your site for everyone to see. To let your friends and family know you have a wedding website you could either send out an email to them all or my favorite is to send Save the Date cards with the website listed at the bottom of the card, that way everyone has all the information they need to be part of your special day.

A few pay sites that you could use for your wedding website are:

Wedding Window
The Knot
Wedding Channel

There are also free sites you can use as well such as:

Wedding Wire
My Wedding.Com

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal Do's

DO- have your bridal party wear their shoes to rehearsal. I was in a wedding at a golf course and you could not have your heels sink into the grass, so we had to "pretend" we had our shoes on and walk on our tip toes during the whole rehearsal. Also it just makes it easier if the girls are standing on uneven ground that they get the feeling of it in their own shoes.

DO- be on Time. Especially if you are having your rehearsal at a different location than the rehearsal dinner. You never know how long it may take and if there may be traffic to get from one place to another.

DO- have the music there. Whether it is a DJ, or someone playing an instrument. It helps with timing to make sure the music is on cue with the procession of the bridal party.

These are my top three that I feel can make the rehearsal go a little easier.