Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rancho Las Palmas Wedding

This Past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a friends wedding at the Rancho Las Palmas in Rancho Mirage ( Palm Springs), California. The resort was absolutely gorgeous as you can see by the picture. The weather was 95 and the wedding ceremony was a 4pm.

It was quite hot still at 4pm, the wedding ended up not starting until 4:30. The guest ended up finding some shade until the start of the ceremony. We were provided with hand fans to cool us off a bit, yet we were out in the full sun so it was still hot with the fans. The flowers were nice as well they used hydrangea and roses all white with rose petals that lined the aisle, they held up very well in the heat! That is a definate plus when dealing with hot weather is that your flowers hold and do not die as soon as you put them outside.

I did feel bad for the bride and groom since there was not an umbrella to block the sun from them, and being in a full tux and a gorgeous lace gown I would assume be very uncomfortable. Although the look on both of their faces only shows happiness and excitment!

The ceremony was not very long maybe 30 minutes, which was good for everyone since there were a lot of guests in suits with the jackets on. The poor men were just sweating the whole time, why not take the jacket off you may ask...well under the jacket is a wet dress shirt so the jacket was a nice cover. My husband included did not wear his jacket but was sweating through his shirt. You can see the bride as she comes back up the aisle that she was glistening also from being hot. Again look at her face, I don't think she minded.

After the ceremony was an hour cocktail hour on the greens while the bridal party took some pictures. The centerpieces on the tables were 3 red roses in a bud vase with a very nice beaded tablecloth covering. There we were able to get our fill of beverages and appetizers and by this time the sun had set behind the mountains and it cooled down a bit and made the evening more comfortable.
Follolwing the cocktail hour was the reception which was held at the resort on the terrace patio. Here again are the centerpieces also with fancy beaded tablecloths. The centerpieces were very nice, I would have liked to see them put on a pedestal with crystals hanging from them and they would reflect the light from the votive candles. They had a crystal chandalier which hung over the dance area and I feel it would have been incorporated nicely. The menu started off with a wedge salad, then to the chilean sea bass and a petit filet with potatoes and vegetables. Absolutely Delicious!!!

There was the traditional comments and toasts from the parents and best man and maid of honour. Then the dancing started....this wedding was mixed with american and armenian cultures. The Dj tried his best to mix up the music for both but not sure that was completely accomlished, but he gets an A for effort, despite introducing the wrong people for the first dance, (not good) he wasn't bad. The rest of the night went well as we get to the cutting of the cake which is my favorite part, this cake was unlike any wedding cake I have ever seen, it looked like the fondant was wrapped by hand in layers with perfect placement of the roses. It was a 3 layers cake one layer was chocolate the other was a white cake with fresh strawberries that I have to say in my all time favorite type of cake!

The night ended around 10 because of a noise ordinance the music had to be off by then, so the bride and groom invited everyone down to the lobby bar to continue drinks and association for the remainder of the evening! All in all there were a few things mainly at the cermony I would have done differently, but for the most part the bride and groom enjoyed themselves and in the end isn't that all that matters.

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