Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Communicate Sensitive Wedding Information

As I always say, communication is key when it comes to planning a successful wedding - where to stay, what to do, how to get there. And, although most information can be easily conveyed, it can be somewhat difficult to determine the best way to communicate sensitive details such as where you are registered and whether or not you wish to restrict attendance to adults-only at certain events.
Even though it is quite common nowadays for couples to create gift registries, it is still considered to be a faux pas to include such information with your save the date or wedding invitation. So what's a bride to do? Well, traditionally, guests would call the mother-of-the-bride, the maid-of-honor or another family member to determine the stores at which the couple was registered. If, however, the guests had an appropriate place to go to look up these details on their own, such as a wedding website, it would be far more convenient for all involved.
Today, most couples already direct their guests to their wedding website for hotel accommodations, travel information and personal stories, so if you have a website, you can also use it to communicate information that is more difficult or sticky to convey through other means. For example, if you include your wedding website address on your save the date card and direct your guests to your website for future wedding-related updates, you can simply incorporate a "Gift Registry" page into your list of available website pages. This will allow you to discreetly make your registry information accessible, while providing the guests who wish to select something from your registry a convenient means of determining where to go. Please keep in mind that it should never be suggested that your guests be required to purchase something from your registry. You may find that the gifts that mean the most to you are those that were chosen thoughtfully off-registry.
Many couples also run into issues regarding the attendance of children at specific events, such as the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception. If you need to advise your guests of your desire to have an adult-only reception, for example, consider creating an FAQ page on your website. You will be able to address several commonly asked questions, while tactfully communicating delicate details. Your guests will appreciate knowing your wishes ahead of time and you can feel comfortable knowing that you have provided them with the information they need to make the necessary arrangements.
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