Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's good about a Wedding Website?

This is the best way to share your wedding with all your friends and family. You are able to let them know the details of the wedding as far as location, hotels nearby if they are coming from far away. It is also good to share pictures of the two of you maybe engagement pictures that not everyone you know was able to see. The website is also a good place to put where you registered for the wedding. Alot of times there is mix feelings as to how to let people know where you are registered, this way it is listed on your site for everyone to see. To let your friends and family know you have a wedding website you could either send out an email to them all or my favorite is to send Save the Date cards with the website listed at the bottom of the card, that way everyone has all the information they need to be part of your special day.

A few pay sites that you could use for your wedding website are:

Wedding Window
The Knot
Wedding Channel

There are also free sites you can use as well such as:

Wedding Wire
My Wedding.Com

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