Sunday, February 7, 2010

Santa Barbara Wedding

It's been awhile since i've posted anything and so I thought I should catch you up on what i've been doing. I did a wedding with a florist vender of mine in Santa Barbara on Saturday January 2. You would think a wedding in January would be freezing cold, but this is California and well anything weather wise is possible. The weather had to be at least 75 if not 80 that day, it was gorgeous outside and a perfect day for a wedding. This wedding was a bit different because I was hired by the florist to do the coordinating. The florist was related to the groom getting married and they hired her to take care of the wedding, so in turn she hired me to help her out on the day of. I have never done something like this where I had not known the bride and groom, so it was a bit different for me but I welcome the challenge. I was able to email the bride and get the information I needed in order to put together the timeline of the days events. Everything went extremely smoothly and I was able to meet some new vendors like Sun-Dance Photography that took the pictures here and I thank Blendie for sharing them with me.

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