Sunday, February 7, 2010


Melanie & Alex

Amber & Mauricio

Along with the Santa Barbara wedding I have 2 day of coming up. One in March the other the beginning of June. The funny thing about these two weddings is how they are kind of related to each other. The first one that is in March, I was referred to by the florist I worked with on the Santa Barbara wedding. So we had just been emailing wach other until last month when we met in person so I could get some of the wedding onfo from her and go over a few details. Well she is on Facebook, have I mentioned how much exposure I get from facebook! Anyway so I sent her a friend request so that she also could see my business page I have on there as well. As I was looking over her page I notice we went ot hte same high school and she graduated 3 yrs. after I was there. Such a small world! I am excited about this wedding because she is also having her reception at one of my favorite restaurants in Glendale that I used to frequent when I lived there, and now I get to go back.

The other wedding that is the beginning of June, I went to school with the groom. His sister and I are facebook friends, another connection. Ellie saw what I did for my business and she referred me to Amber and Mauricio. I just met with them a couple of weeks ago and can I mention how funny it is to be doing a wedding of someone you have not seen in 15 years let alone went to high school with. It's so funny, but I am glad that I am able to make their day go smoothly and they get to enjoy and savor all the festivities! I know the similarities are not real close but close enough that I thought it was worth mentioning!

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