Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ana & Miguel- Visiting Venues

Today we visited to venues in Burbank, Pickwick Gardens and Calamigos Ranch. Both were very nice venues, all though the smell of being at the equestrian was not something I would want to smell during the ceremony. The banquet rooms are very nice size depending on the amount of guests you would be having. There Grand Prix room is really nice with a fireplace and lights over the dance floor that reflect the mirrored ceiling. The White House is very beautiful house that has a room for the Bride to get ready in and enter the ceremony site at the Garden Courtyard. Here is the link to look at photos of this location, decorated nicely it would be beautiful if you didn't mind the smell.
The Pickwick Gardens to my amazment was also very nice. As a young person I frequesntly went here to either bowl or ice skate and I was not aware the gardens existed. I was a little concerned about the smell since being so close to the equestrian area, but you could not smell anything. The grounds were very lush with beautiful flowers and fountains and walkways. The amount of trees that would be blooming during the time of year Ana & Miguel would have their wedding would be gorgeous. Their banquet rooms were also nice, one in particuliar had views of the grounds all lit up at night and big windows doecorating the ceiling with swag linens would make the room more intimate. Here is there website too, these pictures though do not do it justice you need to see it in person to appreciate how nice it really is. They have also looked at Castaways in Burbank which is known for their amazing views. At this point Ana and Miguel have to deceid on a guest list count that works within their budget so we can move forward to secure a location. We need to figure which location will be the best for the money and also offer what they want for there special day. More to come from the two of them....

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