Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bridal Showers

So my bride is having her first bridal shower in a week. She told the maid of honour to add to the guest list people who are not invited to the wedding. So how do you handle this situation, one of the guests of the shower who is not invited to the wedding approached the bride and asked about purchasing something personal a few weeks back, then recently asked the bride about buying a gift for the wedding. The bride does not know what to say to this, since this guest is not invited to the wedding. Do you let it go, and she will realize when she does not get an invitation to the wedding? Do you have the Maid of Honour say something to her since she did the invitng? Hmmmm.....


We(mother of the bride and I ) have talked about it and came to the conclusion that maybe this person would not mind coming to the wedding as a helper. The Maid of Honour will have to confirm that she is ok with all of this granted, but if so we could use the help. So at this point the Maid of Honour does not think it will be a big deal to the guest that she is not invited, since she knows her well enough we are going to go with that. If things change the invitation to help out still stands.

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