Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ana & Miguel

Ana and Miguel got engaged a few months ago. The planning was on hold since Ana is a teacher and works on the track system. Last month Ana was off and began her search for locations, as some of you know looking for locations can be really time comsuming and exhausting. After picking a few places she kind of gave up and just wanted to go to Vegas. I had to offer my services to her because I knew she wanted to have a Wedding that represented the two of them. So I offered to make there reservations at locations I felt suited her and Miguel. So while on vacation I did just that, I set up appointments for them to go look at locations this coming weekend and next. Mind you I still am on vacation with my family and still took time out to spend with them but also managed to schedule the appointments I needed too. So this is where we stand: 1. visit locations and see if we can pick one, 2. Find out which photographer Ana would like to use as well as hair and make up and schedule engagement photos. This is her trial run for her wedding using them for engagement photos. If you don't like something about them you can always get another hair or makeup person and use them for your showers also, so you can make a decision before the big day. I will post engagement photos as soon as they are taken...I will definately keep you posted on the process of this wedding. The Wedding Date is June 19, 2010.

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