Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bridal Shower Game

So I was at a bridal shower over the weekend and they played a great game. Sometimes shower games are not all there cracked up to be, we've played them all many times and are very familiar with dress up like a bride using toilet paper, wear a clip and you not able to say thename of the bride or groom. Don't get me wrong there fun but well over played. Well at this shower I can honestly say I have never played this game before. The bridesmaids asked the groom a list of 16 questions in which they asked the bride to be. For every question the bride to be got wrong she had to chew bubble gum, not a stick of trident but real hubba bubba chewing gum and in different flavors let me add. So after not getting 7 of the questions correct her mouth was full of the most disgusting flavors of gum you can imagine. It was also very funny because since she had these pieces of gum in her mouth we could not understand her answers on some of the questions. It was extremely funny to listen to her and a great game to be played at a shower. A few of us also disgused playing this game at an anniversary party with the couple to see how well do they STILL know each other after how many years. There are pictures from this shower I will post soon!!!

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