Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mckenna & Seth

So Seth and Mckenna met when they were both 15 yrs. old. Little did they know that after 6 years of knowing each other that they would end up getting married. Seth is from Nebraska and Mckenna is a L.A. girl. Seth dropped everything for McKenna and moved here to be closer to her, now how is that for following the love of your life. I mean moving from a small town in Nebraska and coming here to Los Angeles CRAZY!!! Just driving here is insane. Anyway back to my couple....So in January of this year after dating "officially" for 5 1/2 months Seth popped the question while at a weekend at Disneyland. Mckenna was so excited needless to say!!!! So now let the planning begin with the wedding being in May, there was not alot of time to get alot of things done. We are coming up on less then 50 days til the big day and all th emajor planning is done! The Dress..Done, Suits..Done, Location..Done, Flowers..Done, Photographer..Done, Bridesmaid Dresses...Done, Catering..Done, Officiant..Done, Transportation..Done All that's left is a few decorations and the beverages. Here are a few of there Engagment Photos.... The Soon~To~Be~ Mr. & Mrs. Hyatt

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